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For the sake of healthy teeth and healthy gums – with passion for more than 90 years

Invented and developed in 1925, LACALUT® is one of Germany’s oldest oral care brands still available on the market today. To this day, a combination of competence and passion is used to protect your healthy and carefree smile. Several clinical studies have proven that LACALUT® shows a good astringent effect even with low concentrations of aluminium lactate. As a result, it is particularly important for periodontitis prophylaxis. Here, the principle: Only healthy gums can offer your teeth firm support! holds true.

With a history of more than 90 years, LACALUT® is one of Germany’s oldest oral care brands – a brand that to this day combines innovation, competence and passion to ensure that its users can enjoy a healthy and carefree smile.

Quality made in Germany

All LACALUT® products are produced in Homburg (Saarland) and therefore bear the “made in Germany” quality seal. From Homburg the product line is exported across the globe. With continued success.

Lacalut Produktion

Good health begins with a healthy mouth.

When we talk about looking after our health, we are usually only thinking of our inner organs, but maintaining our oral health is also very important.

Our teeth and gums form a single unit. As a result, damage to our teeth also affects the gums. Conversely, the teeth will suffer if the gums are not in good health.

Lächelnder Mund

The most common diseases are:

  • Caries
    Caries develops when bacteria convert food residues or sugar found on the tooth surface into acids which then affect or destroy the tooth enamel.
  • Periodontitis 
    Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the periodontium.

Effective protection!

Fluorides can be used orally for caries prophylaxis, for example in the form of fluoride tablets or by using fluoride toothpastes. Increased fluoride levels in the dental enamel are essential for caries resistance because:

  1. Fluorides support the remineralisation process, meaning they help to incorporate calcium phosphate from the saliva into the tooth enamel more quickly, whereby they help to protect it.
  2. Fluorides, just like calcium phosphates, are also incorporated into the tooth enamel.
  3. Fluorides from toothpaste form a kind of protective film/surface layer of calcium fluoride. When acids are formed, they are immediately neutralised by the surface layer – the minerals in the tooth enamel remain untouched, the tooth enamel remains solid. The resulting hydroxyl-fluorapatite is more acid resistant than normal hydroxylapatite.
  4. Fluorides are also absorbed by bacteria, which disrupts their metabolism. Consequently, the production of acid, which is so harmful to the teeth, is inhibited.

The use of fluoride toothpastes provides additional protection against caries as it hardens the tooth enamel, thereby making it more resistant. It complements the caries prophylaxis measures but cannot replace them. The current Cosmetics Regulation allows for fluoride levels in toothpastes of up to 0.15%.

LACALUT® – The evolution of an effective toothpaste

In the early 1920s, the company Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) experimented with the salt of lactic acid (lactate); at the same time, trials took place in several dental clinics to use strongly astringent aluminium salts to treat the unfortunately already far too common cases of gingivitis and other periodontal diseases. In most cases, these experiments had highly unsatisfactory outcomes since the gums would become severely inflamed. Finally, Boehringer Ingelheim was contacted and tasked to conduct model experiments into the effectiveness of aluminium lactate.

The result was the tooth and gum powder “LACALUT” which was brought to market in 1925.

It was proven that the LACALUT® tooth and gum powder, produced using a special process, thoroughly cleans the teeth and significantly tightens the gums.

This astringent property had a positive effect on bleeding gums. LACALUT® tooth powder was thus not only excellent for cleaning the teeth but also as a prophylactic for preventing gum disease.

We continuously strive to improve our LACALUT® products and, in doing so, use the latest finding in dental medicine.

The LACALUT product range is manufactured in Germany and exported all over the world.

LACALUT products can now be found in more than 60 countries. They are available in a wide variety of products and packaging languages.

Country-specific customer requirements were also taken into account in the developments to ensure the desired LACALUT quality at all times.

We continuously strive to improve our LACALUT® products and, in doing so, draw on the latest findings in dental medicine.

Our clinically tested and proven LACALUT® products are the result.

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