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Evening primroses

Soothing special cosmetics for particularly dry, sensitive skin.
Also for neurodermatitis.

Skin (p) matter healthy!

The skin is the largest human organ, a sensor and control center for many of our sensory perceptions,
important in regulating body temperature and a protective covering for the body all in one. If the skin becomes ill, this has an enormous impact on a person’s well-being. More and more people are suffering from dry skin. Almost everyone in the group of people over 60 is affected. The predisposition to dry skin is often hereditary, but can also be acquired through a variety of causes such as environmental influences, diet, lifestyle or illness. Dry skin occurs when the skin loses its ability to protect itself. It has too little fat and moisture content, which is caused by a disruption of the lipid barrier of the top layer of the skin. The skin is no longer able to store water and dries out. Depending on the severity, flaking, feelings of tension and itching can occur.

Neurodermatitis (atopic dermatitis)

The chronic inflammatory skin disease, which often begins in childhood, can be hereditary and is characterized by a usually very itchy skin rash with dry, scaly and red areas. Here the protective function of the skin is reduced and it often reacts excessively to environmental stimuli or psychological influences (e.g. stress). Neurodermatitis typically occurs in fits and starts, which is associated with redness, flaking, itching and inflammation of the skin.

Dry skin or neurodermatitis?*

Dry skin:

  • Unnatural, age-untypical wrinkle formation
  • Very fine, small pores
  • Rough, brittle areas
  • Feeling of tension and itching
  • Tendency to crack and peel


  • Red, inflamed areas (eczema)
  • Occurrence in fits and starts
  • Generally dry skin
  • Very severe itching
  • Extensive thickening and coarsening of the skin

Dry skin with a disturbed barrier function loses its moisture, is rough, cracked and unprotected.

Skin with an intact barrier layer can bind moisture and remains smooth, supple and resilient.

Why the evening primrose?

Soothing care for dry, sensitive skin . The Dr. Theiss evening primrose special cosmetics provide the skin directly with the skin-soothing active ingredients of evening primrose (Oenothera biennis L.). Valuable essential fatty acids help the skin to build up its natural barrier function and thus protect it from moisture loss. By supplying it from outside, dry, flaky and brittle skin is moisturized without leaving an unpleasant greasy film on the skin. Other valuable additives protect problematic skin from drying out and strengthen its
natural regeneration.

Skin-soothing, soothing and strengthening

EVENING primrose oil (Oenothera biennis oil)
The valuable oil is obtained from the seeds of the 2-year-old, approximately 50 – 150 cm high plant – around 10,000 seeds are required to produce 1 g of evening primrose oil!

  • Contains the important essential fatty acids cis-linoleic acid (up to 70%) and gamma-linolenic acid (approx. 10%)
  • Protects against moisture loss, soothes rough skin
  • Soothes the skin and relieves itching
  • Promotes cell growth and cell regeneration

Permanently irritated skin needs to be cared for gently

Dry skin and skin affected by neurodermatitis is much more sensitive than normal skin. It has
too little fat and moisture content, which is caused by a disruption of the skin’s lipid barrier.
Due to the lack of a barrier layer, it is significantly more susceptible to external harmful influences.


This is what the dermatologist Dr. says. med. Dirk Landwehr on this:

Evening Primrose Eyelid Cream

With evening primrose oil

The eye area is often particularly affected by neurodermatitis. In addition to very dry and irritated skin, eyelid eczema can develop.
The evening primrose eyelid cream provides intensive care for this area. It provides the dry eye area with plenty of moisture with panthenol and glycerin and regenerates the skin. A herbal complex has a calming effect and can relieve itching.

Tips for happy skin

What you can do to support your skin

1. Apply cream, apply cream, apply cream: is the be-all and end-all! The very dry skin affected by neurodermatitis must be moisturized and cared for with moisturizing substances.

2. Bathing: but in oil! To prevent the skin from drying out, it is recommended to take regular baths with moisturizing ingredients – e.g. B. the Dr. Theiss Evening Primrose Shower Oil.

3. Shorten nails: In order not to be tempted to scratch itchy areas and thus introduce bacteria into the disturbed skin barrier, it is advisable to cut your nails short.

4. Breathable clothing:   It is better to wear cotton and loose clothing to avoid heat accumulation and
not to put additional strain on the skin. Be careful with detergent too – too much fabric softener can irritate the skin.

5. Attention psyche:  Support your inner balance! This definitely includes getting enough sleep and taking time out from your everyday routine. You should also find the right balance when exercising; overexertion means stress for the skin. It is generally important to reduce this, because stress is one of the most common triggers for neurodermatitis attacks.

6. The skin is what you eat: Pay attention to the right diet – well-known allergy triggers such as citrus fruits, but also alcohol, nicotine and spicy food can promote neurodermatitis flare-ups. And of course it is also important to drink enough! The following rule applies here: around 30 ml of fluid per kilo of body weight per day.

Optimal support & care

With the evening primrose special cosmetics,
Dr. Theiss research applied the benefits of evening primrose oil
in a care serie

The natural essential fatty acids cis-linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid help the skin to regenerate
its important protective function against environmental influences by protecting the skin from drying out.


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